November 16, 2012

Wood Fence Denver

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Wood Fence Denver

The Denver Fence Companies at and the Handybears have already installed thousands of wood, chain link and Vinyl fences all over the Denver Metro Area and we’re going to give you some information about each of these popular fences so you can decide for yourself what the right fence for your home is.

The cost of Wood fences in Denver for residential installations is the main reason they're still the most common fence installed in Denver, and Western red cedar is the best choice of wood for a Wood fence in Denver, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about Chain Link and Vinyl fences as well.

We're going to tell you about the different types of wood fence and the different components you’ll need to build or repair wood fences will be discussed here today.

Wood fences: offer the most privacy and safety for your children and pets and from the wind storms we get so often in Denver. Wood privacy fences are usually 6 feet tall. The shadow box pattern is the most installed wood fence in Denver.

Split rail fence is used on farms and is made of cedar wood. Split rail fences are available in square, round and split rails with decorative post caps.

Wood fence post are best set in concrete with our wind storms and expansive soils. Ask your contractor and they’ll tell you what’s best or required by the Building Dept in your area, but once again we always recommend fence post set in concrete.

Wood fences are best installed at least 4 inches inside your property line, or in the same place as the fence you’re replacing.

Repairing wood fences is easily done and matching wood or hardware on your homes wood gate post or gate hardware can be found at any number of wood fence suppliers. Wood fences don’t need to be replaced just because there are a few sections of fence damaged or some loose hardware on the fence.

Repair fence post: fence post can become loose over time. If your fences posts are rotten, you can repair them with 2x4 wood splints. A Handyman of fence builder in Denver can simply drill holes in two places on the fence and use pressure treated 2x4’s or cedar to bolster the fence. If a fence post is broken at ground level you’ll need to replace the fence post which involves digging a new post hole and placing a new wood post in concrete.

Wood fence gate repair: if the gates on your wood fence are hard to close make sure they’re not bent; if they are we’ll replace the existing hinge with a larger one. If there are screws loose screws we can fill the old holes with wood dowels glued in place, and drill where the old holes used to be with new holes and use larger galvanized screws that will hold the gate in place.

Replace wood fence sections: replacing sections of wood fence is usually the easiest way to fix a broken or damaged section of your wood fence, or we’ll repair small breaks in wood fence panels with a new wood panel that will match your existing fence.

Wood Fence estimates are free and will always need an onsite inspection because there are so many variables with neighboring houses and elevation changes in Denver.

Wood fences can cost an additional 5% to 10% for material and installation costs for complex or unusual fence installations.

Wood fence cost in Denver does not include removing and disposing of existing fences or any extraordinary things like grading your yard.

Wood fence estimates include labor for post hole digging, post concrete anchoring, fencing materials and supplies required to install a 6 foot fence.

When getting estimates on wood fences make sure all the Fence Builders are all bidding the same type of fence and the same description of work.

Call Bob Lewis anytime in Denver at 303.330.5585 with any questions about wood fence repair or replacement.

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  1. My wife and I have been considering different kinds of fence for our yard. Which fence holds up the best in cold climates? Thanks in advance!

  2. Wood fences are the most commonly used fence on most residences, and I would suggest that Western red cedar is the best choice of wood for a wood fence in Denver.

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