November 28, 2012

How much maintenance does stamped concrete need?

Stamped Concrete Maintenance in Denver 
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How much maintenance does stamped concrete need? We were recently asked this question, after we did our article on stamped concrete driveways. Here is all the information you’ll need to maintain your stamped concrete in perfect condition. We’re going to ask our Handybears pictured above to answer your question. They’re experts when it comes to stamped concrete and Home Improvements!

Stamped concrete is extremely durable and requires very little maintenance. Here are a few tips that will keep your stamped concrete looking as beautiful as the day it was installed, for years to come.

Stamped concrete maintenance will involve, resealing and cleaning the stamped concrete with occasional repairs for areas damaged by snow plowing and cars that leak oil and all the other things that can stain concrete.

1. Re-sealing Stamped Concrete: If stamped concrete is sealed correctly when it’s installed you can easily go 5 years or longer between resealing stamped concrete. From time to time you may get the urge, to make the stamped concrete look like new again, which can easily be accomplished by resealing it.

2. Resealing stamped concrete correctly is extremely important, so when possible have the same Stamped Concrete Contractor that installed your stamped concrete reseal it for you when the time comes; here’s why…

A. If you have damaged areas of stamped concrete that need to be touched up, the contractor that installed it will know exactly which color to use.

NOTE: We also highly recommend that homeowners get samples of the color hardener (the base color of the stamped concrete) as well as the release powder (the accent color used on the stamped concrete) to keep for repairs in the future.

NOTE: Make sure you get copies of the color charts for the manufacturer of the color hardeners and release colors you chose for your stamped concrete and get at least a gallon size sample of each, which should be more than enough for small repairs.

3. Make sure you meet with the Stamped Concrete contractor that will reseal your stamped concrete and let him know your preferences when it comes to how much you want your stamped concrete to shine (the wet look). We always tell people to use a matt finish because the stamped concrete will look more natural. Most of the stones or bricks you’ll be simulating with stamped concrete.

4. Make sure you know the name and type of sealer that was used to seal your stamped concrete. There are solvent and water based sealers used on stamped concrete and you can’t nix them or you’ll have a real mess.

5. Never ever use any sealers with silicone in them like Thompsons Water Sealer. If you do nothing will ever bond to your stamped concrete again. This is a very common mistake made by well meaning homeowners and it will wreck the stamped concrete. If you’ve done this there is no cure! You waste every penny you spend trying to correct this error.

6. Don’t get carried away with too much sealer to try and make the stamped concrete have a wet. This is not sustainable and the sealer will begin to peal and flake off over time and it will never look good again.

7. Don’t use salt on stamped concrete. If you need something to make the stamped concrete less slippery in the winter, use clean sand.

8. If you drip oil on the stamped concrete; immediately wash it wish soap and water. In most cases this is all you’ll need to do.

9. You can pressure wash stamped concrete, but don’t uses more than a thousand PSI and don’t bear down on the concrete with the tip of the pressure cleaner.

10. Stamped concrete crack repair is actually easier than regular broom finished concrete. because you can use the color hardener with a small amount of the release to fill in the cracks and the repair doesn’t stand out the way it does on regular concrete, because there are lines from the patterns and different shades to mask the crack repair.

Here’s the bottom line: stamped concrete was a great choice, it’s the most cost effective decorative surface available and it will last forever if you’ll follow these guidelines. If you have any questions Call Bob Lewis at Handybears in Denver at 303.330.5585 and we’ll give you any information you need or we’ll send someone to look at your stamped concrete.

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