September 18, 2012

Sewer Gas Denver

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Sewer gas Denver

Sewer gas usually comes from plumbing fixtures traps that have dried out, or the water seal in the trap is broken. When toilets are not used for long periods of time the water will evaporate from toilets and the traps below floor drains.

Drain lines and vent pipes that are cracked are another source of sewer gas leaks. If the drain line is cracked, you'll need a plumber with special equipment to locate the leak.

Sewer gas that is leaking will also sucked into the plumbing return air system vents, and spread through the house by the air handler in your furnace. Plumbers use machines that create artificial smoke to identify the leaks that won't create any odors or stain any walls in your house.

The smoke machine is attached to the plumbing drain and will block off the drain pipe leading to the sewer and cap on roof vent pipes and when the smoke begins, it pressurizes the plumbing system. If you have cracked pipes or loose fittings, the smoke will seep out before it would come up through the fixture trap filled with water.

Sewer gas problems are also caused by plumbing vent pipes that have become clogged, because debris can clog vent pipes, and the air needed by the system will get sucked into the pipes through a fixture inside your house, and sewer gas will enter your house through the dry fixture trap.

Sewer gas problems are best left to an experieced plumber because there are so many different causes for gas smells in your home, Call Bob Lewis at 303.330.5585 at Denver Plumbing and we’ll give you a free inspection to find the cause of the gas smells in your home.

Call Bob Lewis at Denver Plumbing at 303.330.5585
You'll love cost and the Fast Service! 

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