July 19, 2012

Replace Hot Water Heater Denver

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You may need to replace your water heater in Denver if…

1. Hot water heater takes noticeably longer to heat water, after you wash dishes, laundry or take a hot shower. If you’ve already increased the thermostat temperature control on your water heater, you may need a Plumber in Denver to check the heating elements and receptacles. If the heating elements can’t be replaced; it’s time to install a new water heater.
2. Water leaks inside your hot water heater: the pipes inside your water heater or the water heater tank may have ruptured. This water heater repair can cost more than replacing your water heater.
3. Hot water in your home: smells bad or is discolored or has sediment in the water. This usually means the minerals in your homes water may have deteriorated the ceramic or glass liner in your water heater.
4. Old hot water heater: the cost of repairing your hot water heater over and over again will exceed the cost to buy a new water heater in most cases.
5. A growing family: and your existing water heater can’t keep up with demand for hot water. You may want to consider a Tankless water heater that will deliver 10 gallons or more hot water a minute (on demand) all day long when you need it.
6. Water heater is leaking around the base of the water heater: This is a pretty good sign that you need to replace your hot water heater. Home owners spend millions of dollars each year on damage to their homes interior and exterior from a leaking hot water heater.
Hot Water Heaters in Denver: can be a hazard as they grow older. The potential for water and electrical damage to your home, from hot water heaters are enormous, when they’re not repaired when needed or they're not maintained properly. In most cases you hot water heater is best left to licensed plumber in Denver who can guarantee the repairs or replacement of your hot water heater.

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  1. This is very good advice about when it is necessary to replace your hot water heater. If yours is 10-12 years old or more in Denver, keep an eye on the signs described in this post and be aware it may be time to change yours. Also be aware that a tankless hot water heater will cost more to purchase and install, but you should use about one-third less energy, and a good tankless hot water heater should last much longer, about twenty years or so. You can learn more at Hot Water Heater Erie Colorado.

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