February 13, 2012

Jusuru West Palm Beach

Jusuru / West Palm Beach

Call Bob Lewis now at 303.330.5585

If you’re considering joining Jusuru in West Palm Beach: we hope you’ll carefully consider who you’re going to have as your sponsor for "Jusuru in West Palm Beach." If your sponsor is a member of the Genesis Global Group, then you can be assured you'll receive all of the Network Marketing skills you'll need to ensure your success, before investing your precious time and money. The Genesis Global Group which started in West Palm Beach, has become the largest and most successful Jusuru group in America, and it’s by design!

There are some easy to follow rules to make sure your new members stay engaged. It's critical that your new members receive the proper training right away to ensure their success, and if you get this right, your new member will do the same thing with their new members, and this is what we call "Duplication" and it goes right to the heart of everything we do, to make sure you build a great team at Jusuru.   

Your new members need to get started correctly, so we have a “48 hour review” and it’s in Step 1 - of our Genesis Global Group Training. Take a few moments and review our Step 1 Training; you’ll be impressed and here is the best part, it’s FREE and it’s critical for your success as well as the success of your new team member.

You'll be glad to know: we have free templates for your new Jusuru business on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and a Google Blog, and there yours free when you join Jusuru with a Genesis Global Group member. Bob Lewis from Denver Colorado is a SEO Expert and the owner of many destination websites like www.abc123.com as well as a Jusuru member.

Bob Lewis represents clients on the Internet in many different types of businesses all over the United States, in Hyper Competitive markets to make sure his clients businesses show up at the top their category on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, in the categories they need to show up in, and he can do the same thing for your new Jusuru business in West Palm Beach, or anywhere else free of charge.

Here are some things to consider when joining Jusuru in West Palm Beach…

You’ll want to useSkype so you can do meetings for your new members across town or anywhere else in the United States. This is the part of the Internet that can be confusing and we’ll answer your questions about Skype and how to use this important tool for building your jusuru business in West Palm Beach.

Google Adwords and understanding how Attraction Marketing works on the Internet are also very important to make sure people in your area find your Jusuru business, and when they do you’ll want to create confidence in your new prospects, not try and sell them something; remember it's about getting permission now before you start pitching your business oppourtunity.

Please take a moment and call us before you spend any money with anyone promising you leads on the Internet, because you won't be happy with the results, and Google offers all of these services for free for anyone willing to spend a few moments to learn how to use these free internet tools we've been talking about here !
The Genesis Global Group has done a lot the heavy lifting for you and it's Free of Charge; we will simply give you the keys to your new internet sites; nothing could be easier.

Call Bob Lewis at 303.330.5585 with any questions.

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