February 4, 2012

Jusuru / Pet Blend for Dogs and Cats

Call Bob Lewis at 303.330.5585

Jusuru Pet Blend is going to be huge! In an announcement today Jusuru International has come out with Jusuru Pet Blend for Dogs and Jusuru Pet Blend for Cats. Jusuru is already changing people’s lives everywhere with Joint health problems and Skin Health problems.

For more information about Jusuru Pet Blend you can call Bob Lewis at 303.330.5585 or go to the Jusuru International website at Jusuru.

This is going to be huge; Jusuru is already changing peoples lives all over America with joint and skin problems, so it’s going to be huge for all of our pets as well. Call me and let me tell you about my experience with my dogs!

Dr. George Malnati DVM, MS a Graduate of Williams college in 1967 in and the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell, and The University of Georgia for small animal surgery from 1977 -1980 and has practiced for over 30 years in Clearwater Florida.

Doctor Malnati said that he began using Jusuru for his own joints which were aching after performing surgery’s all day long. Doctor Malnati has seen significant improvement in the Dogs and Cats joint health as well as an overall improvement in the dogs and cats skin and fur.


  1. omg this is great i have been taking jusuru myself and now i can give it to my dog

  2. I've been giving jusuru to my dog for some time now. I can definitely see the benefits it can bring.

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