September 13, 2011

Foundation Repair Denver

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Foundation Repair Denver
Foundation repair is serious business in Denver, whenever your homes foundation moves every room in your home is affected. Cracked drywall in the rooms in your home and doors that are hard to open are the early warning signs that your foundation is moving or settling as well as tile floors that crack because your house’s foundation  is moving as a result of the expansive soils in Denver.
We can provide you with the finest foundation repair contractors in Denver in seconds with no hassle or request for your personal information. Your foundation contractor will start with an inspection of your foundation and the soil around your home which always soils reports by a structural engineer who will show you the most economical way to repair your homes foundation.
The most common foundation problems in Denver are:
·         Bowed Basement walls
·         Sinking and moving foundations
·         Cracked Basement walls
·         Wet basement floors
·         Sagging wood floors
·         Expansive soils
·         Water draining towards foundations
·         Failure of piers and pilings
·         Frost heaves during the winter months
You’ll always find Licensed and Insured contractors in Denver familiar with the installation of helical piers, concrete piles, as well as manufacturing custom piles just for your home.  
Common areas for foundation problems are:
·         Garages
·         Wing walls
·         Additions
·         Crawl spaces
·         Steps and Porches
Foundation Leveling: takes an expert so you’ll always receive written bids and warranty’s to ensure your comfort with the contractor you choose.
 Foundation Problems often occur in the winter: concrete heaves or moves because of extreme temperature changes we’re used to in Denver. These fast temperature changes cause water to expand and contract in our soils and move towards your homes foundation when your homes landscaping is sloped towards the house, causing floors in your basement to crack and damage your home.  
Call Bob Lewis at 303.330.5585 in Denver and fix your foundation problems now not later; they’ll only get more expensive.

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