January 8, 2011

Jusuru / Clearwater / West Palm Beach / Miami

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Happy New Year to everyone at Jusuru in Clearwater / West Palm Beach / Miami, while it’s time to focus on the New Year ahead of us, I would like to take just a moment to tell every member of The Genesis Global Group, how thankful and proud l am to be a member of what has to be the most motivated and intelligent group of people I’ve known. Together we’ve experienced a significant and successful period of growth, cooperation, and team work in the last six months and it’s taken careful planning and the hard work of everyone involved and it’s by design; it’s a design borne of trust, innovation, trial and error, and unwillingness by all of you to settle for anything less than success and the success of your team.

We’ve been entrusted by GMP Labs in California, a trusted leader in their Industry to represent and market an exclusive and patented product that is so effective and well conceived that it sells itself, thereby allowing each and every one of us to act as distributors and achieve goals for ourselves and our family’s that we could have only imagined until now, and to that end, we must continue to take seriously and honor the opportunity with which they have entrusted us with every day in the coming year and strive to match their commitment of excellence and pride in their business.

I would also ask each of you to reenergize your team members as we move forward into the New Year and remind them that “No one Gets Left Behind” as long as they have the “Will to prepare to win” we’ll do everything in our power to ensure their success because only through their success can we ourselves succeed, and succeed we will if the last six months is any indication of what to expect in the coming year.

PS I would like to offer a special thanks to our members who have excelled beyond anything any of us thought was possible and have climbed to heights that leave us watching breathless, while giving us hope that their success is just a portent of things to come and something for all of us to reach for in the coming year.

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