November 6, 2010


Welcome to Jusuru at you’ll find helpful information here to help all members or anyone else considering Jusuru as a way to earn great money with this Fountain of Youth in a Bottle. We’ll be posting Jusuru product reviews and great information to help all members of Jusuru and anyone else interested in this great company.

Jusuru gives you nine ways to earn money with their compensation plan and these nine ways can run together at the same time; it’s a Unilevel plan that rewards members that are willing to build their businesses to higher levels, so here is an overview to help you understand how you’ll be paid. We represent “The Genesis Group” the fastest growing group in the Jusuru Organization, and many of their members are experiencing these different levels right now and we can tell you there are no problems, and they’re completely satisfied with the payment plan. The bottom line is this is a great MLM compensation plan, with plenty of depth that will allow you to make a lot of money if you're willing to learn.

Here is a brief explanation of the Jusuru Compensation plan: There are nine ways to make money as you grow your Jusuru Organization and we’ve tried to simplify it for you.

1. You’ll receive commissions on each bottle of up to 30% as you grow your organization, and if you’re selling the Jusuru for full price, you’ll get a full commission.

2. If you enroll your customers in the Preferred Customer Program, they’ll receive a 15% discount, but the discount does come off the top of your commission, but on the bright side Jusuru will give you 1% of the company’s sales if you enroll your customers in the Preferred Customer Program so you'll be compensated for doing this.

3. You’ll receive a fast Start Bonus from Jusuru during the first two months up to 20% from any new members you sign up yourself, and this goes three levels deep so this can add up to some real money for you in the beginning.

4. You’ll receive a Team Commission of 5% for every bottle or case sold by anyone in your down line, so make sure your team is selling.

5. Whenever any of your personal distributors places an order you’ll receive an additional 5% for the total amount of the order.

6. There’s a Turbo Infinity Bonus which is the same as the fast start bonus except it’s only 3% but you’ll continue to get it as long as you maintain an active membership.

7. Jusuru Leaders will earn an extra 25% on all of the personal sales in your entire organization, and this income goes as deep as your downlines, so once again it pays to make sure all of your distributors are selling.

8. Jusuru leaders also receive additional bonus pools when they attain the status of Leader.

9. Jusuru heavy hitters are given a Silver Mercedes of your choice for maintaining this level and that’s always a good thing.

Jusuru offers members a unilevel system with 5 possible legs which we’ve pictured in the diagram below, that can be split over and over again, and each leg will give you a higher rank and that means more commissions for you. We hope this short drill down will help to bring some clarity to the Jusuru compensation system and we’ll be going into in detail in the coming weeks, and if you have any questions please call us at 303.330.5585. “The Genesis Group” is available for all members and anyone else considering this great opportunity.

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