November 22, 2010

Jusuru Review

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Jusuru Review: carefully consider who is introducing you to Jusuru and make sure they have the MLM skills needed to ensure your success before you invest your time and money. Make sure your sponsor is an expert at MLM or Net Work Marketing to make sure you’re working smart and using the Internet as well as meeting with your friends and family.

1. Does your Jusuru sponsor have experience in MLM; and are they making money? Network marketing is a business and it takes a lot of work and persistence to make it pay off.

2. Does your sponsor understand Google Adwords and Attraction Marketing on the Internet? You'll need these new Internet tools and this is where people will find you on the internet now!.

3. Does your sponsor know how to use the Social Medias like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Linkedin, blogs, etc, to make sure your new business is successful in the 21st Century?

4. Relationship marketing works great; you’ll need to get out and talk with people to succeed in MLM but remember your new distributors  will expect text messages and quick phone calls and text messages to keep in touch.

"The Genesis Global Group" is the fastest growing group at Jusuru now and we’ll tell you why we’re growing so fast right now in this economy using the Jusuru Compensation plan and how you can take advantage of our Internet marketing  experience to grow your Jusuru MLM business fast using the Internet.  

The Genesis Global Group team has brought together some of the finest SEO (Search Engine Marketers) like Bob Lewis with as well as established leaders in the MLM business to ensure your success. If you're motivated we’ll show you an easy to use marketing strategy designed to make you a leader at Jusuru if you're motivated.

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