August 2, 2010


Take control of your career and insure your Success Today

  • Would you like to be the Leading Salesperson at your Company?
  • Would you like a Competitive advantage no-one can compete with?
If you’re answering yes to these questions we can help you right now!

If the business you’re working for is not showing up on the first page of a Google search for what you’re selling; then you’re losing business and money every day. We can help you right now, is now offering “MicroSites” for professional sales people that want to be Leaders in their Company and their Industry. MicroSites are great even if your company is showing up in searches; they double your chances of getting the click.

Let us help you: you can have a MicroSite starting right now that features:
the Company you work for and most Importantly you! 

  • The products or services you sell for your Company
  • A picture and short Bio about you and your experience will make sure your MicroSite shows up in searches on the first page of Google when a prospect is searching for what you do. For Example: lets say you work for a company in Denver that does carpet Installation in Denver; you can have a first page listing on Google right now under “carpet Installation Denver” with your own MicroSite, that will insure prospects find you first and the Company you work for. If you leave the Company you work with and go somewhere else; simply let us know and we’ll change your MicroSite to reflect your new employer’s colors, logo, and phone numbers, and you’ll retain your first page listing.

This Remarkable Sales Innovation allows professional sales people like you to insure your success, by staying out front on the Internet, because you can’t afford not to be there when a prospect is searching for what you’re selling. will only represent one person in a business and a category in a metro area, with a MicroSite so give us a call at 303.330.5585 and we’ll get you started today. We can help you anywhere in the United States.

PS You can also use your mIcroSite as a one page website for your existing Business if you don't have a website. If your business is not on the Internet or you're depending on Craigslist or other directories let us put up a MicroSite for you today for under $300.00 for the whole year and you can create confidence in your prospects!

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