July 24, 2010

Handyman Denver

Here is a list of great Handyman Services at abc123.com everyone of these services will be explained in depth in articles hear at abc123.com so make sure you come by each week it will be a great learning experience for all homeowners, and we’ll answer all your questions each week as well.

Painting and Staining: can be time consuming and messy to say the least, and the painters at Handybears have years of experience at Interior and exterior painting and staining, so let us give you a free estimate on your painting job for your home or business today you’ll be glad you did.

Chair Rails: are always great additions to any room; they add an elegant touch to any room and we’re experts at installing and painting chair rails.

Minor Drywall Repairs: there’s really nothing minor about the degree of skill needed to make drywall repairs large or small; they’re time consuming and take a high degree of experience to patch holes in walls and make them match the existing drywall texture perfectly and we can do that for you.

Trim Carpentry: is almost an art form, and no one can finish or hang a wood door better than the experienced Trim Carpenters and handymen at abc123.com .

Hang Curtains and Blinds: Hanging curtains and blinds has to be done once and right the first time or you’re going to have a lot of holes in your walls; let us give you a free estimate to hang your blinds or curtains and we’ll get it right the first time every time.

Install Shelves: we can install shelves from a supplier like HOME Depot right out of the box, or we can build custom shelves and install them in your home in any wood or shape you can imagine.

Exhaust Fans: we can repair an existing exhaust fan or install a new exhaust fan anywhere in your home. You can supply an exhaust fan you’ve purchased or we’ll look at your home and suggest the perfect exhaust fan; we’ll buy it and install it in your home if you choose to have a Turn-Key job done as they’re called.

Install Door / Repair or Adjust existing doors: door installation anywhere in your home is no problem, and we can adjust or repair any kind of existing door from Storm Doors at your front door to bathroom doors, Glass doors, sliding doors, solid doors, hollow core doors, and any other kind of door in your home. Hanging doors comes under finish carpentry because it requires a high degree of skill to do correctly, and this can be done by a skilled handyman as well as a trim carpenter.

Hang Pictures: hanging pictures is serious business especially if you’re dealing with expensive or extremely heavy art and frames. Hanging pictures needs to be done carefully so you don’t damage your picture or your favorite picture or painting.

Filter Replacement: one of the most important things you can do every month in your home is to change the filters in your air conditioner and furnace; it will save you a lot of money on your energy bill as well extend the life of your air conditioner and furnace, which always saves you money.


Dimmer Switches: can save you money as well as creating the perfect mood or atmosphere in all the different rooms in your home. It’s not uncommon for many homeowners to have them on every light switch in their home.

Ceiling Fans: will save you money on your energy bill and they’re very stylish with all kinds of different woods and colors available, and once again this is where you’ll want dimmer switches and speed controls on the wall to control the speed of the fan and the brightness of the light on the fan for convenience. Ceiling fans are our most requested electrical task and we’ll make sure their installed perfectly to give you years of worry free service.

Light Fixtures: Come in so many shapes and sizes now that installation of light fixtures can be very complicated and really does require a professional installation to make sure all electrical wiring is done correctly to keep you and your family safe.

Replace electrical Switches and Outlets: replacing electrical switches is also important and we get a lot of request for replacement of switches after a Home Inspector inspects a home before you buy it, and they need to be changed out to meet code or in most cases because today’s new appliances and computers demand so many outlets in most rooms in older homes.
Smoke Detectors: very simply will save you and your family’s life. If you have smoke detectors they need to be inspected at least once a year and if you don’t have them get them and we’ll install them correctly and we’ll show you how to inspect them and change the batteries when they need changing so your family will be safe.


Closet Doors: there’s many different types of Interior doors and sizes and just as many problems so whether they’re out of alignment or your homes foundation has shifted and they don’t close properly any more, we can fix your doors or replace them and we’ll check them out and let you know exactly what needs to be done, and as always we’ll give you a free estimate before we start any work on your home.

Door track alignment: this is a common problem with doors in most homes and can be repaired quickly and effectively.

Closet Organizers: If we have a specialty this is it, and we’ll take the time required to make sure that everything you need to fit in your closets does so without having to stack your clothes and shoes and other boxes with complete ease, and with a great look and feel that you’ll be proud of.

Install Shelving: If you’ve purchased shelves at Home Depot or anywhere else or you would like custom shelves we can make sure you get beautiful as well as functional shelves that will handle any load you want to put on them.


New Cabinet Hardware: We install new cabinet hardware and we’ll help you match or find hardware for your kitchen or bathrooms; we don’t sell or supply hardware but we’re experts at installing it and we’ll make sure it’s done correctly and matches your hardware now.

Garbage Disposals: We can replace or repair garbage disposals no matter what the make or brand and we’ll give you our warranty that ensures you’ll get a great disposal and a great installation or repair.

Repair Counter Tops: we can repair kitchen or bathroom countertops no matter what the problem; we don’t supply new countertops but we can repair them perfectly.

Install New Appliances: We offer expert appliance installation for all appliances. We can assemble them and make sure you have the right power source for them as in the case of a 220 upgrade.


Caulking: re-caulking shower, bathroom, and kitchen tile is another specialty and we can make sure your tile surfaces look great and protect the walls and countertops behind them.

Shower Doors Installed: we install and repair all shower doors; we do not supply them so if you’ve selected shower doors at Home Depot or Lowes call us and we’ll make sure they’re installed perfectly.

Repair Toilets: we can repair any problem you have with a toilet in your home as well as replacing toilets in your home.

Vanities and Towel Racks: we install and repair all vanities and towel racks; we do not supply them so if you’ve selected vanities or towel racks at Home Depot or Lowes call us and we’ll make sure they’re installed perfectly.

Grab Bars: once again we install and repair all grab bars; we do not supply them so if you’ve selected a grab bar at Home Depot or Lowes call us and we’ll make sure they’re installed perfectly.


Install Patio: we can install concrete, brick, stamped concrete, and flagstone patios, and we have endless patterns and colors to show you. We also install all concrete with 4000PSI concrete and steel rebar throughout.

Clean / Repair Gutters: We offer a complete gutter cleaning and repair services that will make sure you never have problems all year long no matter what kind of weather we’re having.

Deck Repairs: Repair of wood decks and building new wood decks is a real specialty, and we can offer you great ideas and advice on wood decks. We’ll also show you great designs and give you proven ways to make your wood deck last for years to come.

Window Treatments: The sun is pretty intense during the summer and we can tint your windows with just the right treatment to keep you comfortable all year long, and make sure your wall paper and furniture isn’t fading from the sun light.

Concrete Repair / Replace: cracked concrete it seems is part of the landscape in this part of the country, but it is important that all cracks are repaired so that water doesn’t move back and forth and cause your concrete driveway, patio, steps, and sidewalks to move up and down and cause trip hazards and structural problems with your homes foundation, so this is a serious problem and we can make sure it’s fixed correctly.

Dog Houses and Dog Runs: This is done by our fence building division and it’s an area Brandon Hiatt is very familiar with because he owns a few great hunting dogs.

 Reseal Driveways / Decks / Patios: If you have any type of decorative concrete, brick, or wood decks anywhere on your property you must keep the surface sealed and protected from our harsh weather here or you’re going to be replacing your decks much more often than you’d like. We have contractors that are experts at protecting all exterior surfaces on your home.

Landscaping: We do repair of existing landscaping and we specialize in repair of existing landscapes and removal of existing concrete and wood decks.

Weather Stripping: weather stripping is important on the inside and the outside of your home and we can replace or repair as needed to keep your home safe and dry.

Garage Doors / Openers: We can replace or repair your garage door in metal or wood and we can also adjust your existing garage door and make sure you garage door opener is working perfectly and we’ll repair your garage door springs if there a problem with them.

Mailboxes: We can install a new mail box or we can repair your mail box if someone has backed into it or run over it. We can build or repair wood, stone, or brick mail boxes.

Caulking: We offer complete caulking services that will ensure that your home stays dry and weather proof all year round, and we’ll make sure your homes structure stays dry as well, and that will save you a fortune in structural repairs as well.

Gutters and Downspouts: We offer complete gutter and downspout repairs and Installations. We’ll install a brand new gutter system with a great warranty in a lot of great colors that will match your house perfectly.

Storm Doors: are a literally a life saver in some instances, especially with our wild weather and we can install storm doors that will stand up to anything that mother nature has to offer and then some.

Replace Plumbing Fixtures: we can install any plumbing fixtures in your home in your kitchen, bathrooms, laundry rooms, or wet bars which includes faucets, garbage disposals, sinks, dish washers, and ice makers as well as repairs on all of the above.

Repair Leaks: leaks in faucets, ice makers, and all other kitchen and bathrooms are no problem we can fix or replace them for you and once again we’ll make sure you know exactly what’s wrong before we begin any work. The amount of water lost and wasted by just a dripping faucet is mind boggling and very expensive.

Painting and Staining: We can paint your entire house or we can do touch up paint work on your home as well as staining on wood decks or your home, and we have a great warranty that will make sure you feel comfortable with any work performed.

Fences and Gates: We can install a brand new wood, vinyl, aluminum, or chain link fence, as well as repairs on all these different types of fences. We can also do small repairs on gates and hinges and replacing fence post and railings on all these different types of fencing.

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