December 19, 2009

Website Copywriting Denver

Is your website wrecking your business?

Does this sound familiar? You know your business has the best quality / service / experience / and pricing for your prospects in your market, but you’re losing business to all the fake-it-til-u-make-it.coms and you can’t seem to get your prospects attention on the internet.

Here’s the problem: The Internets the great equalizer; anyone with a great website can look just like your established business. If your website doesn’t instantly grab your prospects attention and create confidence in them when they arrive at your websites landing page; you’ll lose business and money.

Consider this: Let’s assume you’re a plumber in Denver. If your prospect types “Repair leaking pipe Denver” into the browser of their computer, and you’ve done a good job with SEO (search engine optimization on your website; you’ll have a “repair leaking pipe” article or an internal link to a page on your website about “leaking pipes Denver” and they’ll be sent there by the Googlebots.

What will you say to your new prospect? Stop don’t say anything; let us explain.
Ask them a Question: That’s right it’s the best way to engage anyone. Ask a question about their favorite topic, (them), and ask them a question about their problem. (This is their other favorite topic right now.)

Think of a question to get their attention and get them to call you?

Marketing rule: If you’re going to ask your prospect a question; include at least two benefits for your new prospect in the question.

“Handy Plumbing’s leaking Pipe Page”....

Have you turned off the water supply to the leaking pipe in your home? If you’re having trouble finding the water shut off valve call our plumbing emergency line at 303.555.5555 and we’ll tell you how to close it right now before your home is damaged.

Emergency plumbers are on the way: we’ll send you a licensed plumber to repair your leaking pipe, and while were there we’ll give you a free pipe inspection in your home, and you’ll always get our money back guarantee on all plumbing repairs.

Do you have a website emergency? Poorly written website content and no SEO on your website, or websites that raise more questions than they answer when presented to a potential client or customer will cause you to lose precious business right now.

Website rule: Your prospects will instantly predict the kind of products and service your business provide seconds after looking at your website.

This doesn’t work and it never did. Handy Plumbing has radio dispatched trucks, with three convenient locations, we’re a sponsor of blah, blah, blah, on time or we pay, were the best…………….. This is about you not them!

Your customers don’t care about you! They want their pipe fixed!

 Bob Lewis: “Unprofessional websites have always raised more questions than they answer. Unfortunately your prospects use this to predict the kind service your business provides.”

Copywriting for websites: Clearly written and professional website content is critical to insure the success of your business on the Internet. In today’s fast paced world your website is probably the only opportunity you’ll get to instantly create confidence in your prospects. If you’ll immediately ask your prospects a question about their problem, and then offer them honest / realistic / and affordable solutions, you can immediately engage your visitors to your website.

Would this be good for your business? You can make your businesses services and products irresistible to your prospects on the internet if you’ll make sure your website is about them. You’re business is not the Hero; your prospect is. They’ve come to visit you because they have a problem, and they need what you do to solve their problem.

Do you believe this? You better it’s a documented and well researched fact. Over 90% of the time your potential customers on the internet are not searching for your business. Their searching for a business that does what you do, so once they’ve arrived at your website you only have seconds to engage and create confidence in them.

An attractive and well done website: will create a great experience for your visitors, and if you’ll follow some unbreakable time tested marketing and selling rules you’ll easily take your prospects down a path that leads to only one conclusion; contacting and hiring your outstanding business is a foregone conclusion.

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