December 29, 2009

Google Caffeine / 11 Facts you need to know!

Google Caffeine has a lot of people talking and blogging (SEO People mostly). No one that’s not involved with the Internet (the people who search on Google) has a clue of what Google Caffeine is about. The business owners that we all work for don’t know what Google Caffeine is either; I know because I’ve asked many of them.

I would like to go on record as saying that Google’s Caffeine is good for all of us who work with the Internet, and it’s certainly good for the people searching for goods and services on the internet. I have yet to hear anyone with a business to consumer website worry about it at all. hmmm

Google is a business and they want to deliver the best product possible to their customers (the people searching for things on the Internet) and to do that they’re going to have to clean house once in awhile. I’m going to make a few guesses about the life and times of a Googlebot. The Googlebot definitely has some marching orders when she’s sent out each night to check for great content for Google’s customers.

1. An active blog with content that was relevant to the business model of the website would be a really good thing.
2. If this website had a great new offer for some of their products listed on the home page with a Content management system; this would get some points. (Imagine if you will the Googlebot that comes by at a jillion miles an hour and it sees the website of a great contractor in Denver who is offering some great prices on its services.) This I would imagine qualifies as a good experience for Googles customers.
3. Analytics (that showed the owner of the website actually gave a %$#^ about the experience of their visitors and how to improve it) would tell the Googlebot the owner of the site was concerned with delivering a good experience to the visitors to her website.
4. Real time is the name of the game now that means Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc, and this is one of the first things we do for our clients; setting up Twitter site and other social media sites. The social Medias are not an option any longer; if you don’t belong you’re going to have problems.
5. Websites that are mobile search friendly will certainly be a good thing for your business and Google, and what’s good for Google is good for their stockholders; that’s right they’re a business too. Let’s face it more people are searching from their phones.
6. Content has always been important and I think content is getting ready to be really important now. Static sites are going to get clobbered now. The hard part is trying to convince the owners of the sites. They don’t want to hear it.
7. Speed! Yes speed matters; if you have a website that takes forever to open fix it now.
8. Meta Title / description Tags / and websites that are formatted correctly to allow the Googlebots to do their work quickly is a must now.
9. Links: always matter and they still do; it’s the easiest and fastest way for the Googlebots to judge your website. Think about it; it’s a great way to judge any website.
10. Black Hat SEO: don’t do it; you’ll shoot yourself and the business you work for in the foot and that’s not good for business.
11. Long tail searches: get used to them; Google seems to like them so I like them too!

In defense of SEO firms: what is it with business owners that have been paying the friggin Yellow books a small fortune; excuse me a King’s Ransom for a crummy little ad for around $1500.00 a month, and when you tell them to fix their websites they look at you like you’ve lost your mind.

Business owners Beware: Many business owners think they can hunker down and consumers will continue to find them. Most just don’t understand the internet and they act like they don’t want to know. We see it every day; a small little business with a great well built website eats the well-established business owner’s lunch.

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  1. Nice tips!

    The "Active Blog" part is difficult for most emerging businesses. Creating unique and valuable content within the constraints of a work day is tough!

    I'll be checking back!