November 29, 2009

SEO Marketing Denver Colorado

SEO Marketing is our business at  we’re very good at making sure you show up in searches on the internet, but we’re also going to start by talking about good old fashion marketing in the 21st Century. We offer SEO marketing for contractors who must stand-out in their markets, and we work with the contractor’s to make sure their site searches well and “Sells Well.” Too many businesses are not paying attention to the selling part.
We spend quite a bit of time talking with many contractors who are still entrenched in the “Old media” which for let’s say a plumber was a full page ad in the yellow pages at the front of her category i.e. “Plumbing Contractor Denver”. Now homeowners are typing in things like “replace toilet Denver” “unclog Drain Littleton CO” “replace disposal Englewood CO” and they’re working with an SEO firm to get to the front of “Plumber Denver”. The SEO firm should know better or maybe they do but their trying to keep the client happy.
We had a client tell us we’ve never sold an outdoor kitchen in Boulder’ don’t bother! I told him I’ll bet you haven’t you don’t show up anywhere in Boulder. He now does a booming business in Boulder.
This information is all available from Google but many business owners and SEO companies are too busy to research it because they’re all fighting for the “Old media heading”.
Sellin aint tellin! Selling is asking questions. We like to say; are you asking the questions your prospects want to hear?
Many of the problems we see today are websites that are created by web developers that couldn’t sell beer on a troop ship. We can place your website high in searches but if your site doesn’t convert then it doesn’t matter.
If you’re a contractor and small business owner; no one needs to tell you business is competitive right now; budgets are tight, and many of your prospects are unwilling or unable to spend money the way they have in the past. Your proposals that you present to your prospects must be clear and informative now more than ever. Does your business have a great presentation? There’s no reason not to in the Internet age, and your prospects know this.
Think about this; Do Remarkable Presentations create more confidence in a business or a product when you’re considering a purchase? The answer to this is an overwhelming yes! Does your businesses proposal sell and inform your prospect at the same time?
For example: as part of a line item in a proposal, consider the two examples below.
(A) Install 20 feet of new water line for ice maker. $110.00
(B) Install 20 feet of ¼ inch copper line for existing ice maker as per “Denver County plumbing code for ice maker replacement lines”, and the manufacturer’s guideline for your refrigerator, model #gb-182676. Total labor and material to install $110.00 total.
I’m going with the contractor that used (B) you really don’t “get a second chance to make a first impression.”
Think about this for your website if you’re going to list products for sale.
Read your contracts and proposals carefully before giving them to your clients and prospects; is there any difference between what you’re selling, and exactly what they’ve asked you to bid? Your business must deliver 21st Century proposals with details, pricing, schedules, and preliminary drawings, and photos when possible that leave nothing to the Imagination and these are easy to do with all the tools available on the Internet.
21st Century Law: “Don’t make me Think” Don’t make me wonder if this or that is included in your price. Spell it out simply and quickly.
There are great proposal-writing software programs that will enable you to present a wealth of information to your client in different formats that are easy for you to create, and for your clients to understand. Google has all kinds of great proposals and billing forms that are free and only take moments to learn to use.
You would do well to invite your clients to be part of the design process which makes it very easy to “seal the deal” as we say, because you have partnered with your client all the way through the design and development phase of the buying process. Your clients will now think of you as a partner when you use this concept for creating proposals; not an outsider or just another salesman.
Your business absolutely must have a website, and you must be perceived as a professional and reputable business in your Industry. The website is your new showroom and your prospects love them. Websites give your prospects the ability to have an arm’s length relationship with your business while looking at your products or projects, and at the same time deciding if you’re a business they may want to do business with, so you can see the importance of selling yourself and your business on the Internet.
Your business must have a Twitter account. Your business must have a Twitter account. This was not a mistake we said it twice to make it sink in. We’ll tell you why in our next article here.  can be really powerful for your business, especially if you do something like mud jacking, because it demystifies the process of mud jacking for the homeowner and if you’re the smart company with the youtube video you win, or you at least get the first contact with the homeowner who needs to raise up their sunken concrete.
SEO is more than just link building now, SEO is about bringing together all these different types of media’s and ways to communicate on the internet to work and play well together for your business.
Welcome to , we’re available anytime for questions and any support you may need to make doing business easier faster and more profitable for now on.
Colorado Cities we serve: Denver, Sheridan, Aurora, Lakewood , Centennial, Wheat ridge, Englewood, Commerce City, Highlands Ranch, Federal Heights, Lone tree, Arvada, Greenwood Village, Westminster, Cherry Hills Village, Thornton, Littleton, Northglenn, Bowmar, Broomfield, Morrison, Castle Rock, Parker, Sedalia, Fox field, Louviers, Franktown, Henderson, Elizabeth, Boulder, Longmont, Elbert County, Brighton, Kiowa, Dacono, Larkspur, Erie, Evergreen, Firestone, Conifer, Fredrick, Genesee, Superior, Indian Hills, Kittredge, Idle dale, Lafayette, Bennett, Louisville, Watkins,

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