November 5, 2009


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Emergency plumbing in Denver usually involves clogged drains, damaged pipes, and gas leaks, so we asked Plumbline Services in Denver to tell our homeowners the best way to handle plumbing emergencies. All homeowners should keep the contact information for a plumber that truly does 24/7 emergency plumbing where they can find it quickly, says Jeff Belk with Plumbline. Many plumbers will say they offer 24/7 service to get attention; but when asked to come out late at night or on most holidays they’re unresponsive. Plumbline Services in Denver really does do emergency plumbing and 24/7 plumbing services on holidays with a smile and they’re very responsive.
The first thing to keep in mind in a plumbing emergency is to reduce the damage to your home to a minimum so we’ll give you some great advice to save you money.
Stop the flow of water to your house immediately by turning off the water shutoff valve to your home, and turn of the water supply to appliances right away. The shutoff valves for appliances are usually underneath your sink, and toilet, and behind clothes washers, water heaters and other large appliances, and don’t forget the water line for the ice maker on your refrigerator. Remember to turn the valves clockwise to turn them off. This will save you a fortune in water damage repairs, to your home.
Turn off your water heater with your circuit breaker, and the gas to the water heater because the hot water heater may overheat and damage the heating elements in the water heater.
Pipe leaks, frozen pipes, or burst pipes: If you have a pipe leak or a pipe burst, you must turn off the main water shutoff valve as soon as possible to prevent water from damaging the rest of your home which can be extremely expensive.
When pipes freeze they can expand and burst the pipe. There are remedies for frozen pipes but we’re going to suggest you have a plumber check out the frozen pipe and insulate the pipe now so it doesn’t freeze again.
Clogged drains can be an emergency when washing machine, or a dishwasher is expelling water at a very fast pace; we’re talking gallons a minute here, so this can be an emergency. Once again shut off the appliance, and shut off the flow of water to the appliance immediately, and be very careful here; electrical shocks during emergencies like these are common so watch where you’re standing. A plumber can unclog the drain and make sure the electricity to the appliance won’t electrocute you or your family.
When a clogged or stopped up toilet overflows, reach inside the toilet tank and push the tank stopper down to the valve seat inside the toilet, then shut off the water valve under the toilet, and call a plumber. This toilet needs work now, and you don’t need a flood in your bathroom.
If a faucet won’t shut off, you should shut off the water supply and call a plumber, the new faucets used in homes now are advanced and hard to repair, and this is another time when you should call a plumber; if you’re able to leave the faucet turned off this is one plumbing repair that can wait.
Anytime steaming water flows from a hot water faucet, this is a sign that there’s a problem with the thermostat on your water heater, if possible Let the water run until the water turns cool and there is no overheated water in the water heater and call a plumber to check the thermostat, this really is an emergency!
Gas leaks are as serious as it gets; this is an emergency which can have deadly consequences. This is a good time to call 911 and stay outside your home. You’ll need a plumber and the gas company for this emergency. If you know where the control valve for the gas meter is on the outside of your home shut it off.
We hope this helps you to tell the difference in a plumbing emergency and just a plumbing repair that can wait until the next business day.
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  2. Is it a good idea to have regular checkups by your plumber so that water damage doesn't happen over time? I can't remember the last time I had a plumber over would it be good just to have someone look at things?

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