August 9, 2009

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We constantly talk with homeowners that are confused when asking about stamped concrete because their not sure what to search for on the Internet, so that we thought we’d ask Joe Van-Dyke at Back Yards Plus in Denver for all the different names his customers used when calling for Stamped or Decorative Concrete. Joe confirmed that it has become confusing because so many concrete contractors try to use their own names for what is the same thing, so here is a brief description for all the terms used for stamped concrete. This will be helpful to homeowners, and any Concrete Contractors in Denver using Google Adwords, so there's something here for everyone.
They're all correct, but we would like to end some of the confusion, and make it easier for homeowners to find a stamped concrete contractor in Denver Colorado.
1. Stamped concrete: describes the process of concrete stamping, and has become a quick and easy way for Contractors and insiders in our Industry to refer to it, because we do use rubber mats before the concrete gets hard and literally stamp the top of the mats to impress a pattern into the concrete, but all you have to do is start a Google search for it, and you’ll run into all kinds of names and descriptions for stamped concrete, We don’t know how anyone can keep it straight anymore, so we’ll give you a brief description for each term we hear the most at our offices.
2. Bomanite: is a Brand name for stamped concrete and they have many Franchises all over the Country and are very well known to Architects and Builders, and not so well known to homeowners.
3. Colored concrete: really is just what the name implies; Colored concrete driveways, and patios that are simply colored; usually with a broom finish, although in the last 10 years concrete finishers are using concrete jointers with great affect to cut decorative lines in the concrete, so while this would classify it as decorative concrete, it is still not stamped concrete.
4. Colored stamped concrete: is right on as well because we do put color into, and on the surface of the concrete before we stamp it, so this is pretty descriptive of what stamped concrete is, and is pretty popular.
5. Colored Concrete paving: implies colored concrete surfaces like a driveway, or patio but does not really describe what we do, because it doesn't mention a pattern, but like they say the customer is always right so we except this one.
6. Colored Concrete designs: is a bit ambiguous, but we do use different designs like Ashlar slate stones, and stamps that simulate just about any pattern you can imagine now, so this refers to the many patterns that are available now.
7. Stamped concrete: can be misleading but it does describe the process, and has become a quick and easy way for Contractors and insiders in our Industry to refer to it, because we do use rubber mats before the concrete gets hard and literally stamp the top of the mats to impress a pattern into the concrete, but all you have to do is start a Google search for it, and you’ll run into all kinds of names and descriptions for stamped concrete, We don’t know how anyone can keep it straight anymore so we’ll give you a brief description for each term we hear the most at our offices.
8. Decorative stamped concrete: is a good term too, because this is not plain broom finished concrete; it is definitely decorative concrete, and it is stamped into the surface of the concrete with colors and patterns, so this one is right on as well.
9. Decorative concrete: can be misleading because there are so many different applications for decorative concrete like: decorative resurfacing which can be as simple as a skim coat over an existing concrete surface, or many times a skim coat is placed over existing concrete and a pattern is lightly stamped into the surface, but this is still not called stamped concrete in the truest sense of the term. We’ll cover Decorative concrete another day it’s a huge category.
10. Decorative Concrete finishes: we hear this quite a bit, but usually as an overall reference to just about everything in the Decorative concrete category.
11. Decorative stamping: Is a pretty broad term because we stamp or imprint patterns into concrete overlays that are reall considered stamped concrete, and is usually used by Industry insiders,and builders.
12. Faux Crete: is a Brand name that just like Patterned concrete, and has also become one of the many generic terms for stamped concrete.
13. Faux colored concrete: could be a bit confusing, but it correctly implies concrete that is made to look like a real life stone.
14. Imprinted colored concrete: is right on because once again; because it’s colored by definition, and a pattern is imprinted into the concrete.
15. Integral stamped concrete: is a reference to stamped concrete that uses Integral colored concrete which is popular in areas where there will be snow plows used on the stamped concrete surface.
16. Patterned concrete: is the name of a Franchise for stamped concrete, but it is exactly the same as all other terms used to describe it here today, and while it denotes a Brand, it to has become a generic term for stamped concrete.
17. Stamped and colored concrete: is used quite a bit and it’s right on; it just doesn’t call out the name of a pattern.
18. Stamped patterned concrete: has become very popular and it draws on both of the two commonly used terms for stamped concrete.
19. Stamped concrete overlays: are patterns and different colors but this falls directly under the decorative concrete category, because it's put over the top of existing concrete.
20. Stamped Asphalt: That’s right folks you can have a pattern imprinted or stamped into your new asphalt driveway! Driveways and parking areas are the only applications for this; can you Imagine how hot a stamped asphalt patio would be? It hurts to even think about it.
21. Stamped crete: is simply two of the main terms for what we do thrown together and is still fairly popular in the northern states.
22. Stamped Patterned Paving: is three terms for what we do thrown together and is not widely used, but we do hear it from time to time.
23. Stamped Concrete Cobblestone: this one really caught on; probably because of the easy reference to cobblestone, which is an extremely popular pattern for driveways.
24. Stained stamped concrete: is one way to do stamped concrete because many times we will stamp the concrete with no color and this actually opens up all kinds of options for using multiple colors that are not possible with traditional stamped concrete as we’re describing it here today, and we would like to mention that this process is usually done on the interior of homes, and buildings, because there is no powder flying around to ruin existing interior walls.
We’ll tackle the decorative concrete side of our business in the next article here, but this will help many homeowners that we talk to constantly that are confused by all the different names for stamped concrete.
Remember stamped concrete is still the most versatile concrete surface for driveways, pool decks, patios, and walkways for your home, and feel free to call it anything you like just call us when you need stamped concrete in Denver Colorado.

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