June 25, 2009


Hot Tubs, Spas, Jacuzzi's, Denver Colorado

Hot Tubs, Spas, and Jacuzzi’s in Denver Colorado are a popular subject this time of year, so we’re bringing you more answers to the questions hot tub dealers in Denver hear the most, and we’ll keep bringing you more information every week at www.abc123.com.
Hot tub chemicals: run around $300.00 dollars a year in Denver, unless you have an Ozonator installed, this reduce the cost of chemicals to around 50 dollars per year.
Hot tub covers: you need one; you need a good one; it will reduce your energy bill, and add years to the life of your hot tub and reduce maintenance dramatically.
Do I need hot tub circulation pump? Hot tubs with circulation pumps rely on the low speed of a large horsepower pump to provide filtration and the flow required for heating the water. Circulation pumps are the most inefficient way to provide filtration, and heating your hot tub.
Cleaning a hot tub: draining and cleaning your hot tub 3 or 4 times a year is plenty for most hot tubs in a private home, and only takes about an hour to accomplish.
Hot tub health benefits: There is a lot of great information available about the benefits of Hot tubs and Spas and your health. The Arthritis Foundation has some great information on how Hot tubs can alleviate arthritic pain. The National Sleep Foundation multiple articles on how hot tubs, and spas can help relieve insomnia and other chronic sleep disorders. The New England Journal of Medicine has findings that hot tubs will help in the lowering of blood sugar levels of patients with type two diabetes, as well as help with losing weight.
Portable Hot tubs: any hot tub that is not an in-ground spa, can be referred to as a portable hot tub; these require a simple electrical connection at your home, and you won’t need a building permit to install the hot tub in most cases.
Hot tub vs. Spa: a hot tub and a spa and one and the same, and the terms are interchangeable.
Electrical outlet for hot tub: most use 220V for efficient hot tubs, like less time to heat up the water.
Hot tub vs. Jacuzzi: These are both the same thing as well; Jacuzzi is a well known Brand name and is almost as popular as the term Hot tub.
Cost of a Hot tub: Hot tubs like everything else come in all shapes and sizes, and there’s one for every budget, and the price usually runs from $4,000 to $18,000 dollars, and a high quality hot tub is around $9,000 dollars, and of course with custom Hot tubs all the way up to $18,000 dollars.
Large pump better massage: not really say the experts; a low horsepower pump in a good hot tub will give you as much power as a high horsepower pump. And there’s really no difference in the overall experience.
Hot tub insulation: polyurethane foam insulation will absolutely reduce heat loss and thereby reduce your operating cost. Make sure your hot tub has it!
Hot tub Equipment: includes Hot tub covers, water purification systems, chemical storage cabinets, air bubbling systems, heat exchangers, spa packs, ozonators, pumps, and blowers; the list is endless and interesting, stop by one of the Hot tub Dealer's in Denver, and they’ll show you all the latest hot tub equipment and accessories to make owning a hot tub more enjoyable and worry free.
Hot tub life expectancy: a high quality hot tub these days can last twenty years with good maintenance, and hot tub covers will need replacing more often, depending on the exposure of the hot tub to the elements.
Hot tub warranties: warranties vary from one distributor to the next, but the different parts of the hot tub have different life spans, like the Heating element for the hot tub is around five years; the cover three years; an extended warranty on the hot tubs electrical system is very important, and a parts and labor warranty of five years is a good idea as well.
Cost to operate a Hot tub: the short version is an average of $20.00 a month but like everything else this assumes you keep your hot tub in good shape, you cover it; you turn it off when you’re not going to use it for extended times, and the size of the tub of course, and an average of $300.00 dollars a year for chemicals in the Denver area.
SPA ROMANCE: This sounds great, buts it’s really not healthy, and this is a family website so we’ll let you look that one up somewhere else, but it’s really not good for you.
We’ve had a lot of interest in Hot tubs so we’ll keep bringing you information about the every week, thanks for coming to www.abc123.com.

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