April 19, 2009


Stamped Concrete Driveways and Patios at www.abc123.com

Here are some FAQ,s about Stamped concrete driveways and patios.
What is Stamped Concrete?
Stamped Concrete is where color, pattern and texture all come together to make beautiful lasting Impressions in freshly poured concrete, creating the natural look of brick, slate, stone, tile and wood.

Does Stamped Concrete look real?If you have been to Disney World, Six Flags, Universal Studios or Las Vegas you have probably walked over the cobblestone streets, slate, and brick sidewalks never realizing it was stamped concrete. Even concrete masons have been fooled by Stamped concrete driveways and patios.

Where does Stamped Concrete get its color?
Stamped concrete color is spread deep into the surface by hand using the "dry shake method," then worked into the surface using hand tools, and the Stamped concrete Contractor can add the colors directly inside the concrete while it's in the truck. The result is stamped concrete with integral color throughout from top to bottom.

How does the winter effect Stamped Concrete?Even the coldest winters are no problem. Canada has more stamped concrete than we do in the US.

Is Stamped Concrete slippery in the winter or when it’s wet?
Anti-skid is applied by good contractors; make sure to ask your contractor about this. Anti-skid does not affect the beauty of stamped concrete and is highly effective. We must add, everything is slippery when it’s wet.

Will stamped concrete crack?
Concrete can crack, so preventative measures are taken to highly reduce the likelihood. In Denver stamped concrete is usually placed with 4000 psi concrete, with steel rebar on 2 ft center, and control joints are cut in the concrete.

What does it take to maintain stamped concrete?
No maintenance is required to keep the concrete at its highest strength. If you nothing the natural aging of stamped concrete is desirable to many people. If you do reseal stamped concrete it looks brand new after a reseal. If you do reseal every 3 to 5 years is plenty.

We hope this answers many of your questions. Any of the great stamped concrete contractors at www.abc123.com in Denver and Boulder will be glad to answer them for you.

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