April 22, 2009


Mud jacking Contractors at www.abc123.com

7 things to know about Mud jacking.

1. Mud jacking contractors in Denver: pump slurry under the surface of the uneven concrete. The slurry is an aggregate like sand, topsoil and a small amount of Portland cement, using a regular cement mortar mix causes the cement to bond to the bottom of the slab, and acts like an anchor pulling the slab back down.

2. Mud jacking is much more cost effective than replacing settled or uneven concrete that restores concrete slabs to their original grade.

3. Mud jacking is perfect for concrete slabs like driveways, sidewalks, steps that are out of level or tilted, and any other slab or surfaces on grade around your home.

4. Mud jacking contractors in Denver are also known as concrete raising contractors, because they raise or level slabs, and can also perform pressure grouting when voids below the surface of slabs need to be filled on your home.

5. Mud jacking levels the concrete surfaces and also fills hidden cavities under the concrete where critters, and other animals can hide while moving that is very distructive to your homes foundation.

6. Mud jacking provides a stable base, and the cost to raise the concrete slab to its original position is a third to half the price to install a new slab, and there’s no concrete being removed so there is no mess, and you can use the area raised immediately, unlike regular concrete that must cure and can’t be walked on for days.

7. Mud jacking to raise slabs is usually done in cool weather in the spring and fall when joints are open, but may be done any time to fill voids. Mud jacking must be done as soon as settlements or voids appear, and the small holes drilled in the existing slabs to inject the slurry will not match perfectly, but get they get them as close as possible
These are the most asked questions, so you’ll know a little bit more about the process. They also told us there is never any damage to your lawn or surrounding structures, and they’re fanatical about cleaning up! This is the way to go if you want to save money, and stop any possible damage to your home and foundation in Denver.

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