April 29, 2009


Foundation repairs at www.abc123.com

Foundation repairs are an Emergency! Your Home is not as durable as you may think. Many of us have lived in homes for years without any signs of leaks, and cracks in walls; say the Foundation repair contractors at www.abc123.com in Denver CO. Homeowners need to stop and look at these problems and think, there’s a reason for this, and correct it now!
Many times it’s as simple as normal wear and tear that all homes develop over the years, but some of the early warning signs are when nails start popping out of plaster and sheetrock walls for no reason, cracks in Interior and exterior walls show up; a door you’ve been using for years becomes hard to close; caulk around window frames start having gaps in them; mortar joints around the brick in your fire place start cracking, and many times your roof that’s in great condition develops leaks; this one drives everyone crazy because everyone including contractors, keep looking up when they should be looking down! Floors that slowly begin sloping are a sure sign of problems ahead with your foundation.

The real shame here is that homeowners don’t stop and find the source of the problem right then, because it’s usually a small problem with a fairly simple solution, and not a lot of money. A home can be completely ruined because a small support, or jack that could have been installed in a foundation hours never gets done.

Foundations that need to be repaired need it now not later; later is expensive, very expensive, and the inconveniences in having the bottom of your home dug up while you’re still living there, are never fun, there never cheap and there almost never covered by your Insurance!

Foundation repairs are an emergency, just like a busted water pipe in your bathroom, or water pouring into your bedroom from the roof. It’s a shame this mindset doesn’t exist, because the potential for damage is multiples of a leaky pipe, not to mention that leaky pipes are the cause of many foundation problems all over Denver.

Foundation repair is a job for experts, especially the accurate detection of the problem and the best way to effectively repair your foundation; this is something you’ll only want to do once, so you’ll want a company that will deal with you honestly, and effectively. Here are a few ideas that will help you to find the right foundation repair company in the “Denver Metro Area.
How long has the company been in business; experience really counts here, this is no time to close your eyes, and hope for the best!
Are they helpful in making you understand the method of foundation repair they're recommending , and are the experienced at this type of repair, you don’t need a contractor in the middle of learning curve; let them learn on someone else’s house.
Are they organized, and offer you detailed scopes of work, that describe exactly what they will be doing, and a timeline for how long it will take to complete each phase of the repairs, and now is a good time to discuss at length, and in writing about the care of plants and landscaping, and what the condition of your yard will be when their through.
Foundation repair companies require special licenses, and Insurance in case something goes wrong during the repairs, and they must have workman's compensation Insurance, always request copies to be sent directly to you from the Insurer.

A permit will be required for structural repairs; this is important now and later in case the problem with your foundation returns. You can have the Foundation repair contractor, and the Building officials out to your house, and find out why you’re still having problems.
Make sure you get a copy of the plans for the repairs and a description of exactly how and why this method of repairs was chosen and what went wrong.

Get the name and the telephone number of the person who will be in charge of your job. Once again “your job” not the manager of the office, the mobile number would be best.

Always ask for references; great companies have plenty of happy customers, and they love this question, it’s the thing that makes them stand out, and make sure it’s for the same type of foundation repairs that you’re doing. Call the people, don’t just be satisfied with a list of references; you’d be surprised how many people don’t bother to check, they feel comfortable with the list. Call them that’s what the list of references is for!

We hope this helps and we want to thank Jay again at the Alpine Companies in Denver for this helpful information, and from all of us at http://www.abc123.com/ we hope this information helps, because foundation repairs are a way of life along the “Front Range in Colorado.”

Remember Foundation Repairs are just as much of an Emergency as leaky pipes and roofs; and remember, the problem with your roof, may very well be your Foundation.

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  1. can you provide me details of Foundation Repair companies in Jackson MS. i have cracks on my wall and for that i need good company.