April 23, 2009


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Sarah Fredelynn in Littleton CO, met with her Foundation repair contractors and Engineers, and talked about repairs to her foundation, but forgot the meaning of some of the terms, and complicated procedures involved; so we’re giving you, and Sarah a list of some of the more common words and terms for your foundation repairs. You can use these to go to Google and do more research, or to jog your memory after your meetings with the foundation contractor.

Active soils are non load bearing soils or dirt fill that is moving due to changing moisture levels, especially important with the expansive soils along the front range.
Backfill or dirt fill is the replacing of excavated or new dirt or aggregate into a hole or against your home or walls.
Bell Bottom Piers are a concrete friction piling that has a bell shaped surface.
Bowing Walls is an inward movement of a basement wall due to excessive pressure on the exterior of your walls in your home by expanding and contracting soils.
Carbon Fiber Strips can be attached to your exterior foundation walls and will stop cracks from growing but must be used before the damage progresses.
Crawl Spaces are the space between the ground and the floor of your home.
Earth Anchors are used to permanently stabilize basement and retaining walls.
Expansive Soils are common in Denver and Boulder; these soils will swell when exposed to moisture.
Footings are used for foundation walls, piers, or columns to support and carry the load of your homes walls.Footing Drains are PVC pipe placed below footing levels in gravel, to carry water away from your homes foundation.
Foundation Movement is the movement of your foundation that is detected by changes in elevation with visible signs, like drywall cracks, doors out of square in their frames, concrete cracks, etc.
Foundation Settling is the movement of your foundation walls due to the movement of the soils in contact with your foundation.
Heaving occurs when your foundation is raised or lowered from its normal elevation due to expanding soils.
Helical Piles are mechanically connected steel shafts with helix shaped plates, like a screw attached to specific locations, used to support failing walls, or to prevent them from failing.
Lateral Pressure is the pressure on a wall caused by the soil and dirt fill around your home.
Mud Jacking also known as concrete raising is discussed in length on other articles here at www.abc123.com
Sinking or Settling Walls
is the movement of your foundation walls because of the movement of soils or fill underneath your homes structure.
Steel Piers or Resistance Piers are underpinning devices that are hydraulically driven into the soil to a load bearing or stable ground and provides support to your foundation.
Structural Damage is like the drywall cracks, door frames, and concrete cracks.
Sump Pumps are used to remove water that has accumulated in a sump pits in your basement.
Underpinning is when helical piles or piers are installed below the unstable surface soils under your home.
These are just some of the more common terms used but we hope this helps. Any of the great Foundation contractors at www.abc123.com will clarify this information for you if you need more help.

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  1. With summer fast approaching I call a landscaping company to come out to give me a quote on fixing up my back yard. I was told that my patio needed to be "mud jacked". Not knowing what he was talking about I googled it and found this web site that gave me the description of many terms. Thanks for the help, now I'm going to call for a quote on "mud jacking".