April 18, 2009


Foundation Repairs at: www.abc123.com

Damage to foundations in Denver is usually a result of changes in the ground that surrounds the foundation. These are some of the most common problems.
Some soils are incapable of supporting the weight or bearing pressure exerted by the home.

Most settlement problems are caused by weak bearing soils where footings have been designed using general guidelines and not site specific information.

Properly placed and compacted fill can provide adequate support for foundations, Improper placement of soils can compress under a foundation load resulting in the settlement of the structure, and leads to many of the problems associated with foundation repairs.

Moisture changes in the soils are the most common problem. Excess moisture saturates the ground and leads to softening clays and silts and can result in settling foundations, this is usually caused by poor surface drainage, leaks in water lines or plumbing, and water tables.

Expansive soils in Denver have a tendency to contract with moisture loss, and drying of foundation soils is commonly caused by drought, maturing trees and vegetation, and leaking subfloor heating, ventilation, and leaking HVAC systems.

Trees and bushes close to a home are a common causes of settlement. When trees and other plants grow, so does their need for water. Root systems expand and draw moisture from the soil.

Soil consolidation is when the weight of a structure or newly-placed fill soils compress lower, weak clay heavy soils. This forces water out of the clay soils and compresses it, resulting in downward movement or settling of the foundation.

Roads near your home expand when heated and shrink when they cool, and when your home is located at the end of a cul de sac, the expanding street can push against the driveway and the driveway pushes against the garage slab. This will cause wall deflection and cracking. Gaps that are created to help avoid this situation, but often times they fail or get clogged.

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