April 25, 2009


Foundation Repair Contractors at www.abc123.com

Cracks in walls and ceilings? Doors hard to open? Windows won’t close? Sagging floors, Uneven siding, Cracks in brickwork, growing gaps under garage doors, moisture in walls, and the list of problems caused by foundations that are failing in our expansive soils is endless. We asked some of the Foundation repair Contractors, and Engineers at www.abc123.com the most Important things you can do that can save you a small fortune in Foundation repairs in Denver and Boulder.

1. Watch your home all year long, take 30 minutes in the spring, summer, and during the winter; just 30 minutes three times a year and really look your home over, and take notes and keep a measuring tape with you. If you’ll do this every year you can identify many of the problems that are directly related to foundation movement, especially settling and sinking.
So many homeowners act surprised when big problems occur, and it’s been going on right before their eyes, this is no time to be in denial, it’ll cost you a small fortune in foundation repairs that your Insurance won’t cover. (Most homeowners Insurance policies exclude coverage for Foundation repairs in Colorado, only in cases where foundation problems have been caused by a sudden or accidental discharge of water from damaged plumbing systems, is there any possible Insurance coverage.)
2. If you think your homes foundation is causing any of the problems listed above, call a Foundation repair contractor to check it out. There’s rarely a charge for this and if you do have a problem you need to know it now not later. Every one of the contractors we talked to said; many homeowners wait to call until their in an impossible situation, that is completely out of hand. (A simple shore, or under pinning in a problem area, could stop a problem forever; don’t wait till your walls are bowing and heaving!)

3. Wet or damp areas, standing water, leaks in pipes or drains, water draining towards your home, moisture in walls etc, are all BAD! Watch the perimeter of your home for down spout problems, and any indications that groundwater is flowing back toward your homes foundation because of shifting or sinking soils. (The problems caused by water and moisture are absolutely avoidable, and you can easily solve these problems yourself if you’re watching your home.)

4. We all love the beautiful plants, shrubs, and trees in Colorado, but keep them away from your homes foundation; at least five feet away! This is another very common and absolutely avoidable mistake in the expansive clay based soil environment of Colorado. (You can correct this problem easily and once again save yourself a fortune in costly foundation repairs.)

5. All Driveways, parking areas, patios, walkways, and steps must slope away from your homes foundation, and not towards the foundation. If you have any of these problems fix them right now, not later. Later is going to cost you a lot of money again; don’t do it! (This is one of the main problems with foundations in the “Denver Metro Area” at its avoidable every time!)

6. Call a foundation repair contractor if you even think you see cracks or bowing in your basement walls. There is no such thing as a small crack in a wall anywhere! It cracked for a reason; a bad reason, so find out what it is now, not later. (One of the contractors we work with told us that homeowners could almost put us out of business if they would just fix the problems we’ve been talking about here today.)
7. Don’t think that your home is new so you can’t have foundation problems. Your homes foundation may have been going bad one hour after it was Installed, so raise H&#! With your Builder now, while you might have a warranty.

Ignorance is not bliss here, and you’d be surprised to know just how low the cost of making a few repairs to your foundation is compared to the cost of replacing windows and doors, siding, walls, brickwork, on and on. Don’t let this happen to you, take a walk three times a year, the exercise is good for you.

Foundation contractors in Denver will tell you, it’s not unusual to see all these problems on one house, and they are all completely avoidable!
Estimates are free, so get several estimates from different contractors. The lowest price usually means lower quality in products, which in turn will cause more stress and money later on when the foundation needs to be repaired again. Always ask for references; all of the Foundation contractors at www.abc123.com have great references. We know we checked them! Always ask for copies of licenses and insurance. Good contractors welcome this with a smile every time.

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