April 22, 2009


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Four Big Problems with Foundations in Denver CO

1. Expansive soils: shrink when dry and swell when wet. This cracks sidewalks, driveways, basement floors, and foundations in Denver as we all know. Pressures from expansive soils can be as great as 14,000 pounds per square foot, which is enough to crack any foundation in Denver. The expansive soils found in Denver are not all the same. A qualified Engineer can test for the swell potential of soils around your home and the probability for structural damage. The expansive soils in and around the “Denver Metro contain bentonite, that swells with moisture and then shrinks when it dries. Your foundation on your home will rise and fall depending on the amount of moisture in the soil. Continuous movement of the foundation leads to serious damage.

2. Drainage Problems: using the proper slope, drainage, and landscaping, around your home correctly are crucial. Improperly graded dirt fill near your home will create reverse drainage, and that’s always a recipe for disaster. Correct landscaping if this is your problem; it’s much cheaper than having your homes foundation or Basement crack in half! Maintaining correct drainage systems are critical, this includes gutters, downspouts, extensions on downspouts and splash blocks. Leaves clog gutters and downspouts and this causes rainwater to overflow next to foundations. Leaks in sprinkler systems, and other plumbing connections involved in landscaping must be corrected right away when found. Broken sprinkler heads throw water back on your homes foundation, and pay close attention to drip irrigation systems watering plants next to your home

3. Plumbing leaks: from showers, sinks, bathtubs, and toilets are a very common problem. These leaks are invisible and can leak for years undetected. This is a huge problem for your homes foundation in Denver CO, and are always right up at the top of foundation problems on all homes.

4. Improper foundation construction: You must have the soils around your home tested before beginning construction, and make you talk with a Denver foundation contractor, they'll tell you need to be site specific for soils testing on your property; not a comment from a builder that there are hot soils around here, or we’ve never had problems in this area before, you need to know exactly what you're grtting into. Many foundations lack sufficient support, reinforcing steel, piers, and grade beams, that are so necessary to combat expansive soils, and concrete that is not properly cured or not the correct PSI or (strength) are other common problems.
Foundation repairs in Denver are avoidable many times, so we hope this information will keep you out of trouble with sinking concrete slabs and foundation problems now and in the future.

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