April 27, 2009


Decorative Concrete Denver and Boulder CO at www.abc123.com

Decorative concrete is here to stay, and many homeowners are asking us about the different decorative concrete services available, so we’ll give an overview of the different types of decorative concrete today, and then we’ll do a special segment on each category with one of the decorative concrete specialist at www.abc1233.com to give you helpful tips and advice.

1. Concrete staining or acid staining changes the color of existing concrete surfaces by creating a chemical reaction caused by the acid, the stains may not exactly match the sample the contractor shows you, so make sure close is good enough! Anything that is on the existing floor or surface that will stop the stain from making contact with the concrete needs to be completely removed. The surfaces can also be saw cut, and grouted, to get the appearance of slate, marble or terra cotta tile. Acid staining has been used since the turn of the century, and acid staining is used extensively in Las Vegas, retail malls, and other high traffic areas because of its durability.

2. Decorative Resurfacing and Overlays: is a durable thin layer of polymer concrete that’s used on existing patios, driveways, and walk ways, that is a cost effective way to make old concrete beautiful, and because the overlay goes over existing concrete there is no expensive tear out of the existing concrete. Decorative overlays have at least twice the strength of regular concrete. Crack repairs are part of the process when prepping the existing concrete surfaces and this is when the patterns on pool decks, patios, driveways, and garage floors are cut in to the surfaces.

3. Concrete Countertops: Your color choices for concrete countertops are endless again, and cement comes in a grey and white, so color can be added into the concrete as well as to the surface of the hardened concrete countertops. Concrete countertops are extremely durable; like any other countertop, precautions should be taken when working with pots and pans, and cutting boards should be used, to protect your knives edge. Concrete countertops give you choices not possible with any other materials, all the colors, textures, and finish are unique and original, and Concrete countertops are extremely durable, heat resistant, and environmentally friendly, and when installed correctly will not crack. Concrete countertops are custom made and the can cost vary, so contact a contractor at www.abc123.com for prices and styles.

4. Stamped concrete: can be done in regular concrete, or as an overlay designed to resurface existing concrete using a thin layer of polymer modified cement averaging a ¼ of an inch thick. The thickness is determined by the stamp, or pattern that will be used. These mixes used for stamping concrete into overlays set up slower, so the concrete contractor has time to stamp a pattern into the thin coat of overlay and the surface is sealed to protect it from stains and spills. Once again Hundreds of patterns and designs resembling rock, tile slate and other natural surfaces are available with any color you can imagine.

5. Spray Deck: just like all other skim coats, are the same product with a variation of their application, except the spray deck mixture is put into a hopper gun, and is then shot out or sprayed onto the surface, and is then knocked down as it’s called with a trowel to give it a textured look just like the surface of many walls in houses. Spray deck is the most common deck surface in the world; you’ve been walking on Pool decks, driveways, and walkways for years sprayed with spray deck, and once again any color imaginable is available

6. Colored Concrete: is very simply regular concrete with the color added to the concrete truck at the batch plant, when the concrete is mixed. Your concrete contractor will have color charts to select colors from. There are not unlimited choices here, and remember this concrete although it’s called Integral colored concrete, meaning the color goes all the way through the concrete, can fade over time.
We hope this has been helpful today, and we'll continue to bring you information all of the decoative surfaces every week.

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