April 29, 2009


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Jay Lesser of the “Alpine Companies in Denver CO, is going to tell us about Crawl Spaces, and some of the problems homeowners encounter with them today. Jay and his family have been repairing foundations, structural repairs, Mud jacking, and Converting Crawl spaces to finished spaces, and waterproofing crawl spaces for over 22 years in the “Denver Metro Area”, so we’re proud to have him here.
The Alpine Companies are also a multiple member of Tom Martino’s Trouble Shooter network in Denver. Today we’re going to start by talking about some of the problems associated with Crawl spaces and there causes and we’ll continue over the next few days talking about more remedies, and some of the great uses for crawl spaces.

Mold in Crawl Spaces: We must control crawl space moisture levels, because wet or damp crawl spaces can lead to mold spores in your home. The dirt crawl spaces under your home have high humidity levels that cause mold growth. Mold is the cause of most allergens in your home, and can cause asthma.

Crawl Space Odors: are usually the result of standing water, high humidity levels, mold growth, and a lack of crawl space plastic coverings. Mold causes damp musty smells that many times are caused by wet crawlspaces with standing water. Plastic covers or vapor barriers and correct crawl space drainage to drain standing water away from your home are an absolute must.

Wet Crawl Spaces: Water seeps and leaks into crawl spaces, under the footings, and between the footing walls, and cracks in poured concrete walls. After it seeps in, it lies in puddles in and around the dirt, and evaporates into the house. Crawl Space drains are needed to stop the incoming water through your foundation walls and divert it to a sump pump system.

Crawl Space Ventilation: is not very effective; crawl spaces vent air on one side of the house, and out through the crawl space vent on the other side of the house. Hold ON! Air enters vents from the front, back, and sides, and then it goes up into your house, unless it’s a very windy day, and as the air rises up into the house, air enters from your crawlspace. Outside air is actually pulled in from the crawlspace and is called the stack effect, so over 40% of the air in our homes in Denver with crawl spaces, comes from the crawl space. Removing moisture from the ground and the air will provide a mold free, radon free environment, and a healthy, energy efficient home.

Crawl Space structural repairs: may be needed to replace floor joists, beams, and potentially the entire floor under your house. Floor joist and rotten beams are usually the result of wet and damp crawlspaces, causing sloping, sagging, and uneven floors. Crawlspace repairs aren’t easy, but sagging floors can be raised and leveled, and the rotting of timbers can be stopped by eliminating high moisture levels in your homes crawl space.

Radon Testing in Crawl spaces: Radon is a radioactive gas; it comes from the natural breakdown of uranium in soil, and water, and is often found in foundations and crawl spaces, and other holes in walls, and well water. Testing for radon gas is always a good idea.
This is a primer if you will for crawl spaces; we’ll keep telling you more about them as well as structural repairs, and foundations in the coming days.

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