April 23, 2009


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Brick Pavers make beautiful driveways, patios, Pool Decks, walkways, and retaining walls, and they’re the most durable surface in Denver’s extreme weather in the winter, and they’re also your best choice when it comes to non-skid, non-slip, fading and wear in Colorado. Contractors also have systems to heat brick paver surfaces just like concrete during the winter.

Shoveling snow in the winter is easy because driveways, patios, and walkway, in brick pavers are consistent in size and create a flat surface. Shovels and snow blowers don’t catch on the joints, which we have all experienced when the snow shovel hits a joint and it hurts your whole body!

Brick Pavers are manufactured to be at least 8000 psi; this is almost three times stronger than concrete, and 10 times stronger than asphalt driveways and parking areas.

Brick Pavers offer homeowners countless colors, shapes and patterns to create unique and beautiful, one of a kind designs on driveways patios and retaining walls, and the durability and ease of maintaining pavers makes them the best choice in the long run. The sand joint between the pavers are what gives them there flexibility, and prevents cracking during our extreme temperature swings and our expansive soils in Colorado. Concrete surfaces heave and settle with shifting and expansive soils.
Brick pavers are flexible and non rigid which allows the soil to settle in each area, and pavers are already cured when they’re installed, unlike concrete which can take months to cure, so you’ll never need to replace entire driveways, walkways or patios. If an area becomes out of level or damaged it’s easily repaired unlike concrete where you have to break it out and it leaves different colored surfaces, when it’s replaced in sections.

A very important thing to remember
is to store as many spare bricks as you can when you have pavers installed, for any small repairs in the future. We’re proud of the Brick Paver Contractors in Denver at www.abc123.com, take a moment to check them out, they’re the best anywhere.

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