March 19, 2009


We’ve had quite a few calls from Homeowners in Denver asking us about Contractors and Contracts, this is right in line with what we’ve been telling contractors lately. Homeowners are still doing Home Improvements in Denver at a pretty good pace, but they’re as worried about losing money to unreliable contractors as they are saving money right now!
This is good news for contractors; the homeowners are looking for you!
We’ve put together a list for homeowners to watch out for when doing any kind of home Improvements, I’ve been telling homeowners and contractors for years: No Agreement leads to Disagreements every time. I think a good scope of work is absolutely necessary for any type of job no matter how big or small.

1. Change orders should always be in writing and signed by both homeowner and contractor, this is a must it stops a lot of problems every time.
2. The contract should always include a good scope of work, with the price of the job as well as a payment schedule that everyone agrees too.
3. Starting dates and ending dates for the project should always be part of the contract, with exceptions for any delays that may occur that are beyond the control of both the contractor and the homeowner.
4. The contractor and the homeowner should have provisions that will them to collect attorney's fees if either has to pursue payment from one another.
5. There should always be a defined list of the construction materials to be used for the job and the quality or grade of materials, which should include colors and numbers from the manufacture.
6. The contractor and the homeowner should decide who the decision makers are going to be and make sure everyone involved has the necessary contact information.
7. Warranties and guarantees should be spelled out and include the items that are not covered as well as the Items that are covered, this is another one to pay careful attention too, it will save everyone a lot of grief.
8. Both parties should decide up front whether they want to include a mediation and/or arbitration clause in the contract in case of problems.
9. The punch list items and how to determine when the punch list is complete in order for final payment to be made is always worth mentioning.

10. Everyone involved needs to remember this is a two way street, every ones got a story, both homeowners and contractors. If you follow these guidelines the stories will be short and sweet for the most part! This is a guideline for many home Improvements, if you’re having a screen door fixed or other small repairs around the house this would be over kill of course, it’s still good to get every job no matter how small in writing before doing any work.

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