February 10, 2009



HVAC, Heating, ventilation and Air Conditioning, we get asked questions a lot now, homeowners are tight on money and they want to know if they can fix or repair these HVAC systems themselves.

Before calling a qualified HVAC contractor in Denver, Try these quick fixes.

A. Thermostat, is it set on heating or cooling? Is it in the off position? Are you running your air conditioning instead of the Heater?

B. Air filters must be kept clean; if it’s clogged with dirt then your system’s working very hard to get air through it. Replacing your systems filter is relatively easy to do, make sure to write down the size and type of system you have.

C. Bushes and walls can block and restrict airflow to outside units (the compressor) these need air to flow around them freely. Snow will drift against outdoor heat pump coils, and cause all kinds of problems you don’t need!

1. Check your electric fuse and breakers. If the fuse is blown or the breaker has flipped to the off position, some systems use separate power sources, so make sure you check them all, this is a very common problem.

2. If your home has such a switch outside the house, make sure it is in the on position.

3. If you reset the circuit breaker more than once it’s time to call a service pro, this is usually a sign of a more complex problem.

5. HVAC experts all recommend regular replacement of dirty filters. If you replaced the filter recently, then your system needs some other work that once again requires a Heating or Air conditioning contractor in Denver.

6. Many heaters have a door lock switch. Your furnace will not operate until the door is shut properly.

7. This is meant to be some of the simple problems that homeowners can fix themselves, anything beyond this, such as a unit that needs gases must be done by a service pro.

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  1. It seems these contractors are rather particular about which projects they are willing to work with. I have a condo and the motor to air conditioner has burned out. I had a HVAC contractor come out and he did this song and dance about why he couldn't replace the air conditioner. Why wouldn't they want the business? Is working with a condo something that causes them hassles?
    I would love to hear your reponse?

  2. Some of the quick fix tips are really helpful. Thanks! I wish I would have seen them sooner, but I found a good heating and air conditioning repair company anyway, so it worked out. I hired Dependable Air (http://www.dependableair.com) to come fix my heater and they were very helpful and quick. I would definitely recommend them if your problem is bigger than a quick fix.

  3. These are great tips. By following this tips and and hiring a licensed contractor you will definitely have a long lasting heating ventilation.

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