January 28, 2009



There are many different types of plumbers, License’s, and specialty plumbing contractors in Denver. All of the Plumbers at www.abc123.com have great websites and clearly list the services, and the work they are licensed and Insured to do.

Some plumbers specialize in new construction: while other plumbers specialize in remodeling and servicing homeowners everyday problems such as, clogged drains, clogged sinks, and clogged toilets.

Leaky faucets, and especially frozen pipes: in Denver this time of year are a constant problem. Drains in sinks, and showers that take forever to drain, are a common source of aggravation that are not always a do it yourself project. Whenever you’re considering remodeling you should always consider a meeting with a plumber. The plumber can save you a lot of problems later, like overloaded systems, and floors that need to be torn up to get to a line that’s not draining properly.

Many plumbers specialize: in installing natural gas lines, gas appliances, and fixing natural gas lines. The Plumbers that specialize in natural gas lines are gas fitters.

Many plumbers know how to unclog a drain. Make sure you find a plumber who specializes in the kind of work you need done. All of the Plumbers in Denver at www.abc123.com are experienced at water pipe work, gas line work, and have been licensed by the state or the appropriate local Governments.

The plumber’s license: indicates the amount of experience a plumber has. Many states award a master plumbing license, a journeyman-plumbing license and an apprentice-plumbing license.

Master plumbers: are plumbers who have held a journeyman license for a certain amount of time and have completed the required hours working as a licensed journeyman plumber. In order to get a master plumbing license, the plumber also has to pass a state-sanctioned test.

A journeyman-plumbing license: is awarded to those who have held an apprentice-plumbing license and have trained for the required number of hours with a master plumber.

A state-sanctioned test: must be passed in order to receive a journeyman license in most states.

An apprentice license: is usually awarded to those just beginning to train as a plumber, the only requirement is usually they to be of a certain age.

Plumbers Licenses: to become certified to work on natural gas lines and install natural gas appliances, work much the same way that plumbing licenses do. There are master natural gas fitter licenses, journey natural gas fitter licenses and apprentice natural gas fitter licenses.

Many states award separate certifications: for propane gas fitters, and natural gas fitters.

Master natural gas fitters, and master plumbers in Denver are certified to work on most any project that an average person will ever need a plumber to do.

Journeyman: plumbers often work with master plumbers and can do some work

We have included a list: of the most common reasons Homeowners call a plumber in Denver. You should consider replacing old water heaters, toilets, furnaces, and appliances with new high-efficiency or water-saving models. Most appliances that are 12-15 years old pay for themselves in a few years because of reduced energy or water use.

#1 Water Heaters: are always first on every list, you should get the sediment removed from water heaters. This is the main reason water heaters don’t go the distance. The Tank-less water heaters need to nave the lines cleaned regularly as well.

#2 Clogged drains: These calls can be avoided by watching what you put down the drain, especially in the kitchen the most clogged drain in the house.

#3 Dripping faucets: All homeowners will have to deal with this problem as the washers in faucets wear out. Extend the life of the washers in faucets by not turning them off with too much force.

#4 Leaky pipes: These can cause expensive damage to floors. To stop a small leak from becoming a big one, look at your pipes regularly to check for rust or white lime deposits that may indicate a leak is beginning.

#5 Leaking water heaters: Usually leaks indicate rusting at the bottom of the storage tank. When this happens, the water heater is usually old, and you should replace it with an energy efficient model.

#6 No heat: Your furnace or boiler stops working, It's important to make sure your heating system is working properly before winter comes. Have a contractor do an examination and cleaning in early fall every year.

#7 Running toilets. Leaking toilets can cost you a lot of money every month. When the toilet continues to run into the bowl after the toilet is flushed, this is a sure sign that some part of the mechanism is not working. Have a plumber look at this; even if you need to replace the entire mechanism, it’s cheaper than an expensive water bill every month.

#8 New faucet installations: are usually for decorative reasons, but leaking faucets are usually an indicator of more problems to come.

#9 Disposals: Remember these helpful tips, always run cold water when grinding to move the waste all the way down the drain lines. Fats and grease harden in cool water and will be flushed away in most cases. Hot water will dissolve fat and grease, and may accumulate in lines. Never put glass, plastic or metal non-food materials in a disposal.

Whatever your plumbing needs in Denver, all of the contractors at abc123.com are well qualified to solve any problems that may occur with plumbing.

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