January 24, 2009


Before you call a Painting Contractor

Have you selected an overall color scheme? You must consider all of your decorating plans, furniture carpeting and wall colors. Selecting the right colors can accentuate architectural assets and hide flaws.
Paint colors: The color you paint your walls must be an integral part of your decorating. Most painting contractors are very good at helping you select colors, if you’re not using a decorator. Make sure you choose a specific paint shade using samples of the materials you will be using in the room. Colors will appear differently on walls, depending on whether you are using a glossy or flat finish.
Here are some of the paints your contractor will be using, make sure you’re involved in the decision process.
Latex paints: These are water-thinned and apply easily with a brush or roller, and are used on most wall surfaces.
Latex paints: are available in most gloss ranges and will do a good job in most interior areas. They are not flammable and have a very mild odor.
Oil based paints: these are preferred for areas where constant cleaning is necessary, like kitchens and bathroom shower areas. Very high gloss enamels are usually solvent-thinned, the odor is stronger than with latex paints, but disappears after a few days.
Enamel Paint: is smoother and dries to a harder surface than other interior paints. They are available in high or low gloss and can be either latex or oil based.The gloss is the luster or shininess of a dry paint. Paint is classified as flat, eggshell, semi-gloss or high gloss.
Special paints, or sealers are available for many different surfaces. Wood floors, concrete, masonry, and metal surfaces require special care. Your Painting Contractor will explain and make recommendations for different surfaces.

Masonry surfaces: contain alkalis and should paints used on these surfaces should be alkali-resistant. When painting iron or steel, a rust primer is desirable.
These are just a few things to keep in mind when you’re taking bids from Contractors to have any areas in your home painted.

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  1. I'm having a hard time understanding why you can use an oil based paint on walls other then kitchen and bath. Is there such a thing as a non-glossy oil based paint that can be washed regurly.

  2. An alternative to ordinary gloss, non-drip paint is of a jelly-like consistency and is easier to use if not overloaded onto a brush and adequately 'laid off' on the surface. It is ideal if you have difficulty in painting without drips falling from the brush, as its consistency allows a 'blob' of paint to be picked up by the brush and then applied to the surface where it is spread out normally. Non-drip paint will produce runs if too much paint is applied and not adequately laid-off - this is especially true when painting in corners (such as at the bottom of panels in panel doors).

  3. You'd be likely to find yourself in front of the exterior paint section to find all of those properties.

    General Rule: If there are multiple layers of oil-based paint on the surface that you want to paint. Stay with oil-based.

    For bathrooms and kitchens, I'd apply an interior stainblocking water based (latex) primer. A quality interior satin, semigloss or gloss latex paint is best for bath and kitchen environments. It depends on the appearance desired.

    FYI: There are handful of kitchen and bath paints are made with an ingredient to discourage mildew growth.

    Lastly,I recommend using two coats.
    There are exceptions in every situation/application in home building and remodeling.

  4. Forgot to mention...
    The best latex paints are 100% acrylic, followed by vinyl acrylics and polyvinyl acetates.

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  6. All I really want to be able to do is wash it without it coming off or changing colors. Which is the best option for me.

  7. It's always nice to see painters who are willing to go the extra mile to offer helpful information to people.

    Spending the extra time to educate your clients means you enjoy your work.

    Good luck in this economy.

    Dave Drew
    Phoenix, Arizona painting contractor for 18 years.

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