December 9, 2008


Window Replacement in Denver and Boulder: If you feel air through windows, then your windows are causing you to lose money every month.
If you see moisture on the inside of your windows, or if there are drafts coming in through your windows, those are signs that it is time to consider a window replacement.
You are literally leaving your windows open if you have gaps around your window frames.
Your windows have a lifespan just like roofs, siding. Depending on the quality of your current windows, you could get 15 or 20 years out of them before a replacement is necessary.
Replacing windows is actually an investment in your home that will pay you back immediately by reduced heating and cooling bills.
They will increase the resale value of your home; newly replaced windows can be a prime selling point for prospective buyers.
The Energy Policy Act of 2005, says homeowners can recoup 10 percent of the cost of replacing their windows (up to $200) when installing energy efficient replacement windows. To receive the tax credit, the replacement windows you select must be ENERGY STAR qualified for the region in which you live.
In addition to looking for drafts and frost, other tips for deciding if it’s time to consider a window replacement include the following:
Look for Faded areas on your furniture, walls and carpet where harmful ultraviolet rays have come through the windows and damaged the interior of your home.
If your windows are hard to open, or if they need to be held open, this is another sign your windows need replacing.
If you see condensation on double or triple-glazed windows. This indicates a seal failure. If this is the case, you might need to replace the glass.
Check weather stripping to ensure a secure seal around the openings in your home.
Make sure you find windows that are suited to Denvers climate. Vinyl is an excellent insulator, many people choose vinyl frames with Argon or Krypton gasses between the sealed glass units. These serve as a barrier to ultraviolet rays that fade your furniture and carpeting. They also help save on energy bills. Make sure you’re buying windows certified for maximum energy efficiency in your geographic area.
All of the great window replacement contractors and dealers in Denver at will make sure you get the right window for your home and climate.
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