November 13, 2008

Denver Home Improvement Contractors

Denver Homeowners will recover: 84 percent of the cost of an upscale bathroom addition when they sell their homes, and 95 percent of a more modest one.
Denver Homeowners will recover: 79 percent of the cost of an upscale kitchen renovation, and almost 75 percent of a more modest one.
Denver Homeowners will recover: 79 percent of the cost of a basement remodel (including large entertainment area, full bath and one additional bedroom-sized room)
Denver Homeowners will recover: about 77 percent of a master bedroom suite, whether high-end or mid-range
Denver Homeowners will recover: 104 percent of a deck addition
Kitchen, Basement and bathroom remodeling in Denver pay for themselves, there are some great deals around right now for homeowners in Denver.

Real estate agents in Denver: say that a gleaming kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances, cork or hardwood flooring, stone countertop and lots of cupboard space can sell a house the instant a prospective buyer sees it. Conversely, a cramped, ill-lit kitchen with outdated linoleum and countertop and avocado or harvest gold appliances may actually scare buyers away. It screams money pit.

Bathrooms are another big draw in Denver homes. Both quantity and quality count. A house with two or three baths with quality fixtures and finishes will sell much faster than the same house with one bathroom with moldy grouting and ancient fixtures.

If you can’t afford to renovate, update and refresh key rooms instead. Replacing an old countertop, repainting cupboards and walls and installing new door pulls and lighting can make a big improvement in your kitchen for a very modest price. Similar touches increase the appeal of older bathrooms, too.

Fresh paint throughout your home is another low-cost, high-return project – it makes everything look cleaner and brighter, and buyers love a house they won’t have to redecorate immediately.
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